New home for the teenagers…

First of all, anytime I see a bluebird up here on the Homestead I take it as a good omen.   Good things often happen after a sighting of these lovely birds.  Just another reason why I love this place.

Yesterday was a productive one on the homestead.  In preparation for a visit from my dad, and also our first official open-to-the-public Saturday upon us, there was, and still is, plenty to do.

The boys helped out.   They grabbed their wheelbarrow, and followed us down to the chicken coop.  Today's big project was cleaning it out and getting it ready for the teenagers.

Asa helped take wheelbarrow loads of old dirty straw from the coop down to the composting corner of our garden.

Axel's job was to guard the garden gate to make sure the chickens didn't get in.

In between all this hard work, their was coal drawing happening in the fire pit.  Give a kid some coal for a pencil and a rock as a canvas, and interesting things happen.

Throw in a bone or two, and you have caveman toys for the tots!  Which, for the record, seemed to entertain them for quite a while.  Hmmmm, maybe I should re-think the birthday wish list?

We are hoping these older ladies will take in the younger teens with grace and helpful role modeling.  It's a big change for everyone.  They will figure it out.

Have a splendid weekend!