Going on a family trip today to attend a family reunion.  And, perhaps most exciting, going to meet up with a best friend that I haven't seen in nearly fifteen years.  Woke up at 5:30 am.  Can't sleep when there is still packing to do, run to go on, cleaning to happen.  Also can't really do any of that because I'm just having my first cup of coffee, so decided I needed to let my peeps know what I'm doing, and where I'll be in the next coming days.

I almost hate to go.  The homestead is spectacular right now.  I mean amazing.  The trees are in various forms of bursting beauty; fuschia, white, emerald green empresses.  And, we have a mama sheep and her baby lamb taking refuge here in one of our pastures currently, while the other sheep are hard at work eating weeds for the city.  Perhaps most difficult of all, Agnes' eggs might hatch while we are gone.  These fleeting spring days fill me with a sense of nostalgia for the present; a concept Andy and I talk about often. It is when a moment or time period is so good, you already miss it.  Not a bad feeling I guess, just a little sad.

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend out there everybody.  I'll be back to share homesteady tidbits on Monday.

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  1. Awesome photo! I’m in South Africa and we’ve had a lot of rain lately. In actual fact, the road to the next town was flooded for a few days and we were cut off.

    I browsed around your blog a bit and find it very interesting to see hou you live. Your photos are amazing – I loved the one with the little pink chicks.
    Anne-Marie @ Best Toys for Boys´s last blog post ..Lego Taj Mahal Review

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