Today, today…

Dreaming about planting carrots like last years.

Hoping for a garden that is as spectacular as last years.

This spring is already picking up speed, and even though as I look out the window right now, there is snow on the mountains, by July I will be warm, tanned, and in garden-shape.

Our girls, or, as Asa says, "gewels", are laying again.

I'm ready to start wearing tank tops, skirts, lightweight dresses, sandals, you know?  I'm going to satiate my spring fever with some sewing of vintage-style house dresses like these. They seem perfect for any occasion really.  In the garden, in the house, out on the town, at work.  I like the idea of a zippered front as well.

Here is how we all feel about it not being as warm as we would like yet.

Happy Tuesday!





Homestead Happenings…

Here are some pictures of just a few things happening on the homestead lately.  So much more to tell about, and I will, in due time.  For now, let me ease back into this blogging thing by giving you a tiny photo essay of what we have been up to.

Alex, our garden guru.
Zimbabwe, one of our "on loan" milking goats. She's dreamy.
Two of the thirty sheep and lambs that we have on loan for the spring and summer.
A double rainbow we saw one early June evening. Axel is now obsessed with rainbows, and believes that I can make them appear when he asks. Shoot. Wish I could.
Asa turned five on June 14th! He had a "Mad Monster Party".
Mad Monsters!!
Root cellar almost done! Just in time for gingered carrots!
Sugar snap peas. Asa says: "They taste like cotton candy".
Perfect little head of cabbage, ready to be made into slaw!