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Walking around, poking carcasses.

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

So, I have been taking some pictures of the beautiful landscape up on the hill above the Homestead.  It's called Waterworks hill or Randolph Hill depending on who you talk to.  But, this area is frequented by runners, hikers, dog walkers and nature enthusiasts at all times of the year, especially when the sun shines.

Something that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside is that I can access this most amazing trail system by just setting foot out my front door, walking lazily past the chicken coop, and climbing a steep hill that then turns into gentle switchbacks up to the top of a ridge that overlooks Missoula.  In the spring this ridge that we walk will be covered in wildflowers and bunch grass craziness.  But for now it is still brown and a bit severe looking. We have been hiking up this hill every sunny day we have been fortunate enough to be around for.  On our journeys we have found...

a deer skeleton.  Asa had many questions about where it's hair, blood, and skin were.  But mostly he just wanted to poke it with sticks.  And then we discovered...

a hill to run down, probably 30 times.  And...

a hill to sit down on after running down it 30 times.

And one of the many cool bird houses on this hill.

Oh the birds up here on the orchard and on the hill, oh-my-god, they are amazing.  I had something akin to an epiphany last spring when an entire flock of Mountain bluebirds perched on grass branches ahead of me while on a hike.  Every time I approached them they flew up a little bit further on the  trail and then perched again waiting for me to catch up to them.  This continued along the entire walk up the hill.  It just so happens that during that walk I was working out some very personal shit, and those bluebirds were answering my questions, for real.  Believe it, cuz I'm totally serious.  I'm in love with them now.  And, I did see a glimpse of one the other day.  I can't wait for them to return.

More about that later.  In the meantime, I am on a quest to save money to buy a better camera.  The one I am using I got at a garage sale for five bucks.  It's been reliable, but it's super slow and my pictures don't even begin to do this place justice.  So, I'm doing a little goal setting that will benefit anyone who cares to visit this blog.  thanks.