Fresh Greens…

We ate some greens from our garden today. It was time to do some thinning, so away we thinned, and ended up with a bowl full of baby greens. Then we marched straight up to our house to make a salad to go with our quiche lunch--made from our hens' eggs. I put bleu cheese in the quiche, and apparently kids don't really dig bleu cheese. But I sure appreciated it. And the greens? Oh they were explosive with flavors,  the most standoutish being spicy, sweet, bitter and, yes, even nutty.  It was glorious. Even the kids ate 'em.

Rudimentary toys=lots of fun. Axel is sorting dried plum pits his brother found on the ground. Asa is playing with a bone, a rock, and some leaves of grass. Where is Walt Whitman, you ask? I'm sure he would love this place.

Feeling drowsy and satisfied after this long day outside in the sun. The back of my neck was really, really dark when I looked in the mirror: farmer neck. But some of it turned out to be dirt. Anyway, time to fashion a neckerchief.

It feels good when your kid eats veggies.

We have three families on board for our Homestead CSA program. They will be doing work on the garden every week in exchange for veggies. That feels good too.


Oh, how I love Saturdays.  Under the strict law of our care-taking contract, I am obligated to stay home all day Saturday, to give tours to visitors who come during our open hours of 11-5pm.  It's so awesome to have to do exactly what it is that you want to do; which in this case, is hanging out on the Homestead, greeting people, showing them around, gardening, and drinking iced-tea.  It's really lovely.

This Saturday, our friend Mani came to play, while his mom tabled at Garden City Local Fest downtown.  We had a lot of fun.  Mani is really into doing "chores", so we put him to work.

Our plum trees are blooming like crazy.  This is the time of year when you can't waste a second inside.  Before you know it, all of those sweet little blossoms will be gone with the wind...

Some patches of edible vegetation.  Greens!  Can't wait to eat something fresh from the garden.  Wow, the best season out of four is finally here!  I'm in love...

Axel celebrated his 2nd birthday last week.  I can hardly believe that two years ago, I gave birth to this kind little soul right here on the Homestead.  Amazing.  Andy recently made a movie about the Homestead.  It's mostly shot during my pregnancy with little Ax-man.  And, actually, has a bit of labor footage in it, which totally freaked me out.  He didn't tell me about it before posting it on youtube, which I'm actually glad about now, because I would never have let him do it, had I known.  But, it's really beautiful, and I'm glad about that.  You can check it out here, or on the sidebar of this blog.  It's called Sun Before Arises.

Open for the season!

Here are some pics of our May Day Frolic.  It was crummy weather, but we all had a good time despite it!  The May Pole dance was really fun in a confusing and chaotic sort of way.  Not going to post much here because it's Saturday morning and we need to head to the Farmer's Market quick, so that we are back in time to welcome visitors!  The Homestead is officially open for the season, every Saturday from 11-5.  Come visit us!  We will be in the garden, giving it some much deserved love.