These boys…

Recently Andy was asked to play a reunion show: with Humpy, a hard-core punk band that graced Missoulians with its presence for most of the '90s.  I haven't seen Andy play an electric guitar for at least six years, so when he busted it out recently to "get back in shape," I was excited to see what would happen.

In those six years since he last played this guitar, we have created two human beings.  Both are keenly into music, especially Asa.  So, naturally, he was OVER THE MOON about trying out the electric guitar...grunge effects pedal and everything!

He took to it right away and started writing his own songs.  Some of his titles are: "Chicken Vaders," "Rock and Roll Cheese Vampire Bat," "Bandit King" and "The Raven King."  He arranged a very special performance when my mom was in town earlier this month. We all sat around as the "audience" and got to watch this talented guy sing his heart out.

And then Axel chimed in, as younger brothers do. Not long after Asa's "show," Andy heard Axel covering "Rock and Roll Cheese Vampire Bat" in a concert of his own while I was at the store.

It is quite possible we will have a family band formed in short order.  I haven't decided my role yet, but I'm pretty good on a tambourine.  We'll keep you posted!